Stubborn Sore Throat

James, a Kansas City patient, had a stubborn sore throat 4 years ago.

I tried all my chinese methods to cure it to no avail. In the meantime, the sore throat went away but lower energy and a swollen throat set in.

He came back to my Prairie Village office to try Japanese acupuncture. On the first treatment the the swelling of his throat went down.

Stay tuned to see how we do on his remaining symptom of low energy.


Bonnie from Kansas City came into my Prairie Village clinic complaining of frustration. This was quite a complaint coming from a school teacher with a natural Mary Poppins demeanor. The children love her, I’m sure.

It bothered her that she would occasionally be short with the children. And her frustration seed to cause headaches and insomnia just before her periods began.

I treated her for frustration, headaches, and insomnia. I also put her on, what I call, my “herbal formula for world peace.” She loves it so that she continues to take it 3 years later!!

Frozen Shoulder

Mark, a new Kansas City patient, came into my Prairie Village office with a “Frozen Shoulder.” He had been treated by a Chiropractor for 3 months.

I examined him and found his neck was crooked in his lower cervical vertabra. I inserted very thin (12 thousandth’s of an inch) needles in to his elbows and his neck. It was a Japanese treatment. Immediately he could elevate his arm.

When he returned a week later, his neck was straight and his shoulder much, much better.

She will survive back pain, hey, hey

Ludies back hurt. Her son Harvey, who sings with Gloria Gaynor, was home to bring his mother to try Japanese Acupuncture. It had been a few years since she’d been to my clinic.

I went to work first on her back, then palpated her abdomen, Japanese style. When I finished she remarked, “I feel so good and my back doesn’t hurt.” She’ll come back when her son Harvey returns from a gig in Europe.

Less pain for Leslie

Chinese acupuncture had failed to alleviate the pain in her knees 5 years ago.

I called her with the good news that my Japanese acupuncture was working wonders with knee pain.

She came in more crippled than usual, as she’d been a real sport and helped her brother move the day before.

I went to work on one meridian on each leg, using O’ketsu moxa and very thin Japanese needles.

As she left, she commented, “The pain is surprisingly less!!”

Emotion of the lung

My patient had gotten sad at Christmas time. Memories of an early on Christmas Eve when her children were young had bubbled up to her conscious mind… Her husband, at the time, had left her that evening years before to be with another woman. In Chinese medicine, each organ has an emotion. It may not surprise you to know that the emotion of the lung is sadness.

Memories of that dreadfully sad Christmas Eve so weakened her lung Qi that she got, what ultimately, became pneumonia. She was very sick and eventually kicked the pneumonia with antibiotics. But her lungs, her voice, and energy level were weak.

I had begun practicing Japanese acupuncture and used it on her. In one session, she was so much better that she didn’t need to return for one month, and when she did, it was for other things.

Dusty Rhodes

I had cured his 60-ish father’s knee pain in 3 Japanese acupuncture treatments, so the son Dusty a highway patrolman–his last name isn’t but should have been Rhodes–came to me for his lower back pain which had plagued him for years. With the help of a lift in one of his shoes, I got his pelvis and hips level. Then I did acupuncture to get the pain to ease and re-establish the flow of energy. He left with no pain.