How Does Acupuncture Work

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How Does Acupuncture Work?

I provide acupuncture in Kansas City to patients who have never experienced it before. They are astounded by how effectively it treats their ailments when Western medicine simply couldn’t provide them the relief they desperately sought. Amazed by this ancient and mysterious but powerful treatment, they inevitablly want to know, how does acupuncture work?

The doctors of ancient China developed acupuncture by needling people at various points along what are called meridians. These meridians connect each vital organ and continue under the skin along the torso, legs and arms. They are depicted on the mannequin shown on this page. The meridians constitute a complex and orderly system of energy pathways that regulate and harmonize the body’s vital organs.

This practitioner believes that some of the ancient Chinese doctors were sufficiently spiritually evolved that they could see the meridians. Through these pathways flows a vital life force energy known as Qi (pronounced and also sometimes spelled “Chi“).

There are about 360 acupuncture points, each with a different “spirit” or use. After diagnosing the patient, the acupuncturist selects several points to use in treating the patient.

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