My first patient is cured of epilepsy

Twenty seven years ago, in the first week of my training (21 years before I opened my acupuncture clinic in Kansas City) a lanky, 18 year old, Sri Lankan man, named Prethap, came up to me and ask “Will you treat me today? My doctor is away for 2 days.”

“What are you being treated for?”

“Epilepsy” he replied.

“I don’t know how to treat epilepsy.”

“Ask one of the teachers” he suggested.

The teacher told me what points to use. I inserted the needles.

Prethap seemed pleased.

The next day he came to our clinic in Kalubowia hospital to be treated again. I used the same points.

Then his doctor, who’d treated him 6 times per week for 2 years to no avail, returned and I was out of the loop.

A friendship, though, had began between Prethap and myself and we would visit everyday. After a few months had passed, Prethap confided, “Paul, since you treated me, I’ve not had a seizure.”

I was stunned. He was my first patient. I didn’t know how to treat epilepsy, and I’d had to ask a teacher where to put the needles.

“What do your parents think?” I asked.

The next day Prethap answered, “My father says, ‘God is never late.'”

Life is easier when your neck is straight

She fluttered into my Kansas City Acupuncture Clinic with her neck out of place. Even though she was in pain, she had lost none of her fairy-like demeanor. I knew her from the Kansas psychic fair when she paints pictures of people’s auras.

I felt her pulse and sensed that she was also frustrated. Pain will do that. Her pulse was too fast.

I inserted needles to straighten her neck and calm her frustration.

A half hour later, she prepared to leave. With her neck straight, her pulse rate normal and her spirit calmed, my fairy-like patient fluttered to her car.

Yin deficiency and other issues

She came into my Kansas City Acupuncture clinic (which is really in Prairie village) for treatment of her rhinitis, fibromyalgia related constipation, vaginal pain, insomnia and hot flashes. I treated her with Japanese acupuncture and she felt better. I prescribed a chinese herbal formula for her yin deficiency, as indicted by a tongue examination. Afterwards, I looked at her back and saw that it was bowed sideways. I resolved on the second treatment to threat her back.

When she arrived for her second treatment, I examined her back and it was, seemingly miraculously, straight. Her face and voice had more vitality. Her constipation was no more and her hot flashes and vaginal pain better.

To be continued….

Neck and lower back pain, etc

Neck & lower back pain, constipation, hot flashes and breast tenderness brought her into my Kansas City acupuncture clinic, which is really in Prairie Village.

I put in a lift in her left shoe to compensate for a short leg and her pelvis leveled out. A Japanese acupuncture treatment straightened her neck out.

I gave her a Chinese herbal formula for the constipation but I wasn’t sure what to do about the breast pain.

When she returned the following week her neck pain was 90% resolved and her constipation was gone. Her back was better but still needed some work and her beast pain, miraculously, was gone!


Lori couldn’t sleep and she was depressed. In my Kansas City Acupuncture clinic (which is in Prairie Village) I diagnosed her.

I had devised a new Japanese acupuncture treatment for insomnia and tried it on her. According to her telephone report, she slept much better.

Crooked neck and back

I met Albert at the Psychic Fair in Kansas City. His back hurt him so much he had to drive to the mailbox!! I did an acupuncture diagnosis and it indicated that he had a crooked back and neck.

He came to my Kansas City Acupuncture clinic, which is actually located in Prairie Village. On the first treatment, his back and neck straightened out so much that I thought he had the favor of God.

The next time I saw him at my Kansas City Acupuncture office, he told me that, with his neck straight, when he got home, all the pictures on his walls were crooked!!

Back Pain

She came in out of sorts with her back dawager’s hurting. I put needles in along her spine and in points to soothe her liver and her spirit!

The tension palpably flowed out of her. Her normally good sense of humor returned, she began laughing and I presume smiling though I couldn’t see her face as I was too busy working on her back.

An hour later, we had a new woman, ready to go back to her challenging life caring for a bed-ridden brother.

A child with daily headaches

Jimmie was 8 years old when his father brought him to me for his daily headaches. His tongue was deviated to the left, itself a sign of an underlying condition in Chinese medicine that causes headaches.

Ater two treatments with a child’s daily dose of a herbal formula for headaches, his tongue was straight and his headaches gone. I had him come for three more treatments then we quit, as he was well.

Children heal so easily!!