Healthy Breast Formula

Treatment for fibrocystic breast lumps in women

Contains: Salvia, Cyperus, Green Tangerine Peel

“This formula by Paul Peter Finney D. Ac. and Chinese Herbalist, improves circulation and dissipates clumps.”

  • Take two capsules once per day
  • Do not take if on blood thinners
  • 60-500mg capsules
  • Shipping weight: 2 oz.

$32 for 60 Capsules
Includes Free shipping!

“Dr. Finney seems to come up with the most amazing herbs for almost any malady that my daughter and I have experienced, from my daughter’s allergies and her period pain to stopping the flu and other illnesses. He always has something that works. His Healthy Breast Formula is also in this category. It has put at bay a condition that was worrisome for me. I am so grateful for Dr. Finney’s expertise and assistance.”

Ruth W., Overland Park, Kansas.

“Fibrocystic breast disease including fluid filled cysts was causing me worry and numerous trips to the doctor for mammograms and ultrasounds. Thankfully these turned out to be benign. I mentioned this to Paul Finney hoping there was something he could do. He gave me his own herbal remedy, Healthy Breast Formula. After taking it for a few months, I noticed I had fewer recurrent fluid filled cysts, and fewer trips to the doctor. It has been a few years now, and I just don’t get them anymore.”