Unexpected Cure

He had poor circulation in his legs. With Chinese acupuncture and Chinese herbology we had made great progress. He was so pleased, he began bringing his 92 year old mother to me. More about that in a future blog post.

Brian would be moody, it seemed. Sometimes he was so quiet I worried what was wrong.

Then I began practicing Japanese acupuncture on him. As the weeks progressed, he told me his constipation was gone. His bowels were now moving several times per day and he became more talkative in a most normal and pleasant sort of way. And his face became more clear. He simply looked better and he reported that he felt much better.

I wasn’t trying to cure constipation as I didn’t even know about it. I simply was following the protocols of rebalancing his body with Japanese acupuncture, as taught Kiki Matsumoto.

His symptoms were just falling away!

“Eat Right For Your Type”

My patient came in with a copy of “Eat Right for Your Blood Type” under her arm.

She elaborated how it was helping her to feel better. I opened her copy of this book by Peter D’Adamo and looked up my blood type, A.

To my astonishment, I was already following his diet for my blood type!

I became a vegetarian for spiritual reasons, I thought. Dr. D’Adamo say type A’s are agrarian and do best as vegetarians. Not true of type O’s…they like meat!!

I read on. We type A’s like pumpkin seeds, olive oil, black beans, soy beans. Years before, I had already naturally gravitated towards these foods.

Lima beans aren’t good for us. I refused to eat them as a child. I knew! I wasn’t a character defect! He says type A’s should avoid butter. I avoided it thinking it would make me fat, and once had a stick of butter in my refrigerator for 5 years until a house guest threw it out!

I quote Dr. D’Adamo, “It will be a challenge to learn what your blood already knows!”

I recommend his book from your library or bookseller.

To be continued with Type O’s…