“Eat Right For Your Type”

My patient came in with a copy of “Eat Right for Your Blood Type” under her arm.

She elaborated how it was helping her to feel better. I opened her copy of this book by Peter D’Adamo and looked up my blood type, A.

To my astonishment, I was already following his diet for my blood type!

I became a vegetarian for spiritual reasons, I thought. Dr. D’Adamo say type A’s are agrarian and do best as vegetarians. Not true of type O’s…they like meat!!

I read on. We type A’s like pumpkin seeds, olive oil, black beans, soy beans. Years before, I had already naturally gravitated towards these foods.

Lima beans aren’t good for us. I refused to eat them as a child. I knew! I wasn’t a character defect! He says type A’s should avoid butter. I avoided it thinking it would make me fat, and once had a stick of butter in my refrigerator for 5 years until a house guest threw it out!

I quote Dr. D’Adamo, “It will be a challenge to learn what your blood already knows!”

I recommend his book from your library or bookseller.

To be continued with Type O’s…