She will survive back pain, hey, hey

Ludies back hurt. Her son Harvey, who sings with Gloria Gaynor, was home to bring his mother to try Japanese Acupuncture. It had been a few years since she’d been to my clinic.

I went to work first on her back, then palpated her abdomen, Japanese style. When I finished she remarked, “I feel so good and my back doesn’t hurt.” She’ll come back when her son Harvey returns from a gig in Europe.

Less pain for Leslie

Chinese acupuncture had failed to alleviate the pain in her knees 5 years ago.

I called her with the good news that my Japanese acupuncture was working wonders with knee pain.

She came in more crippled than usual, as she’d been a real sport and helped her brother move the day before.

I went to work on one meridian on each leg, using O’ketsu moxa and very thin Japanese needles.

As she left, she commented, “The pain is surprisingly less!!”