Back Pain

She came in out of sorts with her back dawager’s hurting. I put needles in along her spine and in points to soothe her liver and her spirit!

The tension palpably flowed out of her. Her normally good sense of humor returned, she began laughing and I presume smiling though I couldn’t see her face as I was too busy working on her back.

An hour later, we had a new woman, ready to go back to her challenging life caring for a bed-ridden brother.

A child with daily headaches

Jimmie was 8 years old when his father brought him to me for his daily headaches. His tongue was deviated to the left, itself a sign of an underlying condition in Chinese medicine that causes headaches.

Ater two treatments with a child’s daily dose of a herbal formula for headaches, his tongue was straight and his headaches gone. I had him come for three more treatments then we quit, as he was well.

Children heal so easily!!