Life Is Better

My patient had incontinence. She’s a petite woman in her seventies who’d given birth to 5 children. She had been suffering from incontinence for several years, even having a $30,000 machine surgically implanted in her body, which wasn’t working…

I’d tried Chinese acupuncture and moxabustion with some effect. Better, but not cured. Then I tried a Japanese acupuncture treatment of tonifying the lung.

The lungs in 5 element acupuncture theory is the mother of the kidney. In this theory, the mother organ (lung) nourishes the child (kidney). This is why some people with incontinence report that they involuntarily urinate when they sneeze.

This Japanese treatment worked, but the effect was less after two days. So I had her take daily a Chinese herbal formula to tonify her kidneys. Now she is much better and has her former and natural urge to urinate before she looses control.

Her life is better.